Shab Al Bahri, Block 8, Street 80, Facing Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait.

Clinic Timings:

Sat – Thu: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

The Inspiration To Excel

Kuwait Specialized Eye Center is the first specialized hi-tech private center in Kuwait dedicated to comprehensive ophthalmic patient care, founded by Dr. Khalid Al-Sabti a prominent Ophthalmic Vitreoretinal surgeon in Kuwait.

Kuwait Specialized Eye Center was established with a mission to provide quality eye care in Kuwait and help improve and preserve sight. It aims to be a national leader in the field of eye care and wants to be recognized as the regional spearhead in specialized eye care boasting international recognition.

KSEC started its operation from the beginning of 2014 inspired by the vision & experience of its founder addressing the growing regional demand in ophthalmic patient care.

Since then, KSEC have been able to keep pace with standards set by international ophthalmology community in relation to outstanding patient care as well as in latest medical advancement


We are committed in providing the best service to our patients by keeping the center up to date with modern technology and highly qualified staff. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to provide quality service.

We continuously invest in new products, technologies and intelligent systems. Our state of art facility will always maintain the leadership with leading innovations in eye care.

Our commitment to treat each of our patients with respect will never be compromised and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Our patients are ensured that quality of care, recovery to normalcy, attention to detail and efficiency of surgical care is equivalent to the best centers of the world

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