Shab Al Bahri, Block 8, Street 80, Facing Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait.

Clinic Timings:

Sat – Thu: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


The General Ophthalmology department is the first place where patients who come to the hospital with an unknown eye problem are directed. Basic Vision screening and diagnosis is done here and the patient is examined by the Ophthalmologist and the treatment advised. If any specialized treatment or further analysis needs to be done, the patient is referred to a specialty department.

The following ailments are categorized under General Ophthalmology dept.

  • Allergic Eye Disorders
  • Infectious Eye Diseases
  • Inflammatory Eye Disorders
  • Cataract

Healthy Eye Clinic

In addition to protecting your eyes at work, visiting your eye doctor on a regular basis for comprehensive eye exams can help ensure healthy vision.

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