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Vail Vitrectomy Meeting, 2019

Dr. Khalid Al Sabti presents at the Vail Vitrectomy meeting, 2019 The most prestigious retina meeting for the masters of retina from all over the world.

The meeting is an amazing amalgamation of Futuristic and Out of the box surgical ideas coming together.

The Vail Vitrectomy meeting is held once every 3-4 year since 1975 and is Unique in ways, They are;
1. very interactive,
2. cross-cultural,
3. invitation-only meetings
The requirement for attendance is that each speaker must present a project or concept that has never been presented before at any other major meeting.

Link to Vail Vitrectomy:

Vail Vitrectomy Event

Vail-Vitrectomy, 2019, Faculty Poster