Shab Al Bahri, Block 8, Street 80, Facing Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait.

Clinic Timings:

Sat – Thu: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

CSR: Qawafil Relief & Development

Dr. Khalid Al Sabti visited Jordan with a team of Doctors and Medical Staffs.
for a Project of QAWAFIL Org, in-order to provide treatment for Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Dr. Khalid conducted 30+ Successful Retinal Surgeries
He also conducted a educational lecture for the doctors there.

Dr. Khalid Al Sabti with a patient During the visit to Jordan.

To Donate & Know more follow the link: https://qawafil.org
Contribute to solving part of their problems, especially health problems.
Spreading the culture of volunteerism among medical staff to help alleviate the suffering of patients in need.

Watch the video to get more information about the initiative

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